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brb.: 2016

Feb 18, 2016

The only thing that matters

I admit that most of the time fans will fall for some pretty and handsome celebs, so do I. 

Apart from his good looking face which is a merit, what makes him to be more attractive is his determination to pursue his dream and the faith he has to inspire people through music. 
Needless to say, he is talented, with the ability to play various musical instruments & his gifted good voice. Besides, he speaks fluent English, he's got that accent. 
I also see how he values the family bond, he's not afraid to express his gratefulness and affection to his parents and brother. There was once he talked about how blessed he is to have been raised in such a good family. Some are not that fortunate, they may have born in broken families.  
I believe he will be a star that shines bright, or to be more appropriate, he's already shining but somehow will shine even brighter in the future . 
I want to be someone like him, not just a pretty face but way more than that. 

P/s: hopefully I will see him in person one day :)