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brb.: Crystal clear

Nov 18, 2017

Crystal clear

We often use glass to be a metaphor for relationship,
mostly because of its fragility.
I just came to realise recently the reason of using that metaphor.
The bonding between people is breakable.
It is as fragile or even more fragile than a glass.
We can always see how glass starts to crack when it is applied with external force or pressure.
Just like how relationship among people starts to fail when there are issues arising.
Take note, this is just the preliminary stage.
Things get worse when greater force is applied,
like you drop that glass (accidentally/purposely) REAL hard on the floor and 
You see how it breaks into pieces.
Same as when people had enough of each other.
They can no longer stand each other.
The endurance has reached its limit.
Subsequently, dramas, chaos.. any possible TRAGIC outcomes you could think of, happen.
Then you see the seriousness of the matters.
You are shocked of how quickly can things go wrongly then instantly feel you should FIX it.
So you pick up the broken pieces, like how people pick up each others' broken hearts,
and gather the broken glass pieces ensuring no even a single piece left on the floor to REASSEMBLE it.
Then, you try to glue it so that it looks the same as it was.
But honey, not everything is fixable.
Some broken things can only be replaced instead of being fixed.
Worse still, you might hurt yourself while picking up the broken pieces.
The broken pieces cut your skin and flesh.
You can feel the pain.
You can feel your heart aches.
But you cannot tell which one hurts more.
So you regret.
You try as best as you can to work things out.
Then you realise, there is no turning back.
It is too late for seeking solutions or looking for remedies.
So you hold grudges, you blame yourself for not stopping things from happening.
Nothing lasts forever.
Even your grudges, so you MOVED ON, like finally.
Then you start looking for a new glass again.

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